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Not collecting Scrap


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I put the Concord group on Scrap collection (figure they won't do much of anything else), and after a few days they have not collected anything.

Is this because Marcy, Jun, Mama Murphy, and Sturges are just to lazy (or to busy banging on walls) to collect anything or is this a bug?

For the record I assign all four of them to Scavenging stations, and have waited at least two days in game, not near Sanctuary. I am getting the extra food, just not any scrap.

Ok so checked a few other locations and they are working fine. Must just be the bunch from Concord. - Maybe walking from Quincy wore them out, and they can't collect scrap now.

Or maybe they don't know what scrap is. Could that explain why they got kicked out of Concord, didn't know how to collect stuff so they couldn't build any good defenses.

I mean Sturges needs us to build the beds/water/food/def for Sanctuary.
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I'd recommend assigning a regular settler to scrap collection there and see if it starts working.
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