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No blueprint, no layers, no layer UI square


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Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I want to use layers and save a blueprint in order to create said blueprint in any settlement.

I have
Hudframework 1.0f,
Mod Configuration Menu 1.34
Workshop Framework 1.1.0,
Workshop Plus 1.0.4.
no loose workshop pex files in data/scripts
vortex plug-in order: HUDFramework, Workshop Framework, SS, Project blueprint files (3), WP

In workshop menu I can:
- create Blueprint Controller
- create Layer Handle
- use some hotkeys such as toggle freeze time, toggle flight

In workshop menu I CANNOT or there is no effect:
- use some hotkeys such as create new layer

Using layer control module I cannot create new layer.

In workshop mode or not I cannot see the Layer HUD section (square? on up-right corner of the screen as in kinggath videos) on UI. Resetting position with MCM does not bring it on screen.

When using Blueprint controller, I cannot create new blueprint, as I only have Default layer (no 0 layer). I does not select anything.

1. I can only build Layer Handle in Default layer (hence message).
2. When selecting and moving handle, no other structure that I built moves with it
3. when moving items around, undo/redo only show a warning "nothing to undo"

Help please
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I have much the same thing, looks like v104 is very buggy. I downgraded to v103 and the blueprint tool now allows me to choose a layer, not just the default.