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National Park Prisoner's Center


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City Planner (S3)
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I've transformed the Visitor's Center into a ~PRISONER'S CENTER~
Spooky, I know. Anyways, it's both my first city plan, and my first attempt at customizing a settlement literally at all.

The prison progressively becomes harder more sophisticated, and harder to break out of as it levels, with a full chain link fence surrounding the place at level 3, and plenty of searchlights and turrets to make sure you aren't making a run for it.

National Park Visitor's Center20210324232344_1.jpg20210324232108_1.jpg20210324232246_1.jpg20210324230334_1.jpg20210324232527_1.jpg20210324232215_1.jpg20210324232317_1.jpg20210324230419_1.jpg20210324230646_1.jpg20210324232356_1.jpg