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Mod help


New Member
Hey I'm a xbox user and I was wondering what mods are good with sim settlements 2 that and won't cause problems looking for clean settlements, performance, graphics and settler mods


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Anything graphical can be a concern. Not because of SS2 specifically, but because on the Xbox you CANT have more than 2Gb worth of mods - and graphical stuff tends to have large filesizes. And SS2 alone is almost exactly 1Gb...

Antoine Soverie

Active Member
Yeah, had to ditch Vivid Fallout cause of that...
Whatever you do, don't use scrap settlement mods other than recommended ones (Clean my Settlement and Raze my Settlement?). SCAP etc will break your save(s). I wouldn't trust "clean settlements" mods either. See-through scopes are a no-go either, same with mods that change the ghouls. There are a few threads here and wiki page that would explain in more detail. Tales from the Commonwealth is fine though. And a lot of other things.