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Mills of the gods. withdrawn due to pc issues.


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An act of chance you cannot beware
Not in meeting of hands
Not in passing a prayer

Yet hither and yon
To the light of the sun
Grinds the mills of the gods
In an awe breaking hum

And I'm placed
In the midst of the dawn
In the eye of the gods as they yawn
And at pace
In the light of the sun
I awake to what I have become

In a lasting trance
You can't be aware
It's a crux to escape
And I'm trapped in a stare

So disparaged in will
In the ghost so unreal
As the mills of the gods
In the minds that it heals

And I'm faced
At the call of a halt
Towards a monster of my own exalt
And at pace
In the light of the sun
I awake to what I have become​
Work has started on Echo lake lumber

Here we have some shops, lots more to do here.

Here we have a lot going on with 4 plots and a lerk farm. Still so much to go.

more work on this Mill of the gods.

I am happy with this small shrine
more shrines about not just to atom but other gods also.

making use of the cut logs on-site by creating a small wood cutting house.


still not 100% sure or happy with this little tree farm. I think the rocks look out of place I might actually have to scrap all of this part and start again.

I think it is a perfect plot for a grove to grow trees just not happy with the way it looks.
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Um so due to my PC upgrade messing about with my drives the save is lost :( pulling out again after this coming week I should be up and running with the new rig that this stuff should not be an issue.
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yeah, I had the save on the same character that my vault 88 one was on and when trying to get a video to work for that settlement I encountered a strange bug. I would save the game and then run the command for triangles, save again and it would increase by half, repeat till my game locked up chewing all my CPU and almost causing my pc to shut down.

I went back as far as I could and the issue would always be there save run command tringles increasing with nothing built, so I deleted the whole save character and well there went my eco lumber save :(