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Making use of all that lumber at Echo Lake, May 2020


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Echo Lake Lodge
A settlement that builds to have work and homes for up to 15 settlers. Some overproduction on food, self sufficient with water, defence and maintenance. The central lodge building is a communal dining hall with restrooms and laundry in the basement. The upper floor is set out as a player apartment. Some additional defence job markers provided for variety or when used as an outpost or vassal. Walls, guard towers, and turrets cover all approaches. Atom's influence has crept in, in places. The settlement has a small shrine, a memorial garden, and makes good use of glowing bottle lamps.

Add-ons used: Flotsam and Jetsum, Junk Town, Wasteland Ventures 1 & 2, Ruined World, IDEK's Logistics Station, Rise of the Commonwealth, Industrial City, Pra's Random Add-on, and Altairps Animal Farm

01 arial 01.jpg The well protected main gates lead to the Lodge, market and works. Kennels and stables are also found just off this entrance.
02 entrance.jpg The pre-war stalls have been expanded to form a market with various commercial plots.
03 market.jpg A fishing dock provides much of the settlement's food needs, with a large glue farm close by. A new annex to the lodge provides apartments for many of the lodge's inhabitants.
04 marina.jpgThe industrial dock area's four plots make good use of the local resources. Includes a water purifier, a wood burning power station, logistics station and wood/lumber processing.
05 dock gate.jpg 06 industry int.jpg The Lodge's entrance features a bar area and leads to the main hall, basement restrooms, residential rooms, and a small shrine to Atom
07 lodge entrance.jpg The Lodge's main hall features a large communal dining area, roaring fireplace and walls filled with hunting trophies.
08 lodge hall.jpg The Lodge's basement builds into a well appointed restroom and laundry.
09 restrooms.jpg The upper floor apartment has crafting benches, planner's desk and a player bed.
10 apartment.jpg

Level 3 save:
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