Suggestion Lib and Conq SubFactions for each Faction

Discussion in 'Conqueror (Mod Suggestions Here)' started by blakenstein, May 29, 2020.

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    Dec 14, 2019
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    Not sure if anyone's brought this up before, and really more for those who make the faction packs but might give someone an idea.
    What if each of the the factions were to have a Liberator and Conqueror sub-faction and after going down the main factions path at a point you got to choose between the two. Resulting in you and your chosen sub-faction at odds with the other sub-faction, faction civil wars basically.

    For example:
    The Institute. Have the Lib faction aiming to help and improve the Commonwealth, while the Conq faction continues to suppress and experiment with the Commonwealth.

    or The Brotherhood. The remnants of Lyons Pride seeking to help, while Maxon's puritans aim to purge the Commonwealth of all who oppose.

    Well it's an idea anyway.
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  2. Tanizkra

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    An interesting idea. I would love to see something like that if anyone decides to add some story in the faction packs.

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