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Discussion in 'Conqueror Mod (Other Bugs)' started by damanding, Jan 20, 2019.

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    From Kinggath: "Even on high end, the background code will take hours to run. I was able to front load all of the visual stuff, so the settlement at least looks fairly complete when you arrive."

    What this means: Many of the problems you are experiencing may be a result of the code not yet being finished. It will take hours (real time).

    For example not having NPC's in your settlements yet, that is handled very late in the background code. Choosing a late stage for your settlements to start at may also cause delays or unusual problems.

    Known or Suspected Mod Conflicts
    Conquest: Even having it installed but disabled can cause problems, remove it completely.

    Suggested Workarounds for Known Issues
    • The single most important piece of advice is to be patient. Go do some vanilla quests and level up for a few real world hours before trying to do the Conqueror quest line beyond the Museum of Freedom. If you're having bugs even as early as the Museum of Freedom reload an earlier save to before you've gone to Concord. Go around Concord (don't get close enough to trigger Concord quests at all) and give all the background code a chance to run first.
    • If you're getting the setup options too soon in the prewar sequence you may be spending too long in your character creation. Create your character in a game without Conqueror loaded and save it as a preset to load in your Conqueror enabled game.
    • The setup options menu may come up repeatedly after the first time when you interact with vendors until the background code has fully completed running. Your original selections for settlements and city plans are still saved so just choose the options to carry on with using the mod as before.
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    How many hours are we looking at for 24-28 settlements to set up shop at level 1?

    The settlement setup options fire almost immediately during character creation, right after exiting the bathroom with a minimal amount of time (present 7 for face and all of perhaps 5 minutes tweaking appearance and body).
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    Xbox One

    When I go to the war desk in my Minutemen outpost it says that my Minutemen gang is the Radhounds. That is the name I picked for my Raiders.
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    bug pc

    so idk if this is a bug or conflict in files but hudframework may have some conflicting files which is causing my save files to crash once i got rid of hudframework i was golden
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    Hi,1st off, let me say thanks for the brilliant work you have done for the F4 community. SS is a beast on its own right.

    Then, I have, and i am not taking into consediretion my load order since everyone is different, or the mods i have installed recent times, i have encountered a few issues with the jammer quest line:

    - -Jammer takes ages to speak....most of the times, i have to jump around, select other npsa around me so that...he finishes his speach.
    - Yeah,i understand it might be a scritpt lag issue but all the time? I am not running any complex city plan at all...
    - The quest before you meet Lia, is...somewhat fraked for me.... jammer asks for help to meet her but.....the dialogue is stuck...goingn matter how i move or jum away from hiim - the only time it work was when i pre-loaded a bunch of cities pland...did the quest to retrieve her and even the wall busters quest was done...other thaan a normal playthrough...not
    - Other bug i have stumbpled iupon is at the USAF radar station - I did all the bounties, including Jamaicas plain but, when playing with project Valkrie, the quest named Heir to her thone- where she meet the robot at the station, I found that using companion in a non agressive mode mind you,... ack ack and thje rest of the crew attack me. Again, i dont know if it a bug or i just was to fast on the bounty list but yeah, your mod does kinda conflict with other quest mods in this particular location.

    Please let me rephrase this : I love your work and and the enery and passion you have put into SS and SSC, so I am with a smille making this poist... I am sure you most likely fix this issue sometime soon.
    Anyway, I salute all your work and sweet into making SS and SSC into a huge game changer inside F4.

    Thanks for reading this /bow

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