Suggestion Knockout Framework inclusion for Morally Questionable Adventures

Discussion in 'Conqueror (Mod Suggestions Here)' started by Squidfest, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Sep 1, 2019
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    Hello, all. It's no secret that I, devout Crusader of Atom, have very little respect for the heretic scum of the Commonwealth. They serve better in chains than out of them, and I have since discovered that unarmed paralytic attacks are an excellent way of subduing the heretics for long enough to ensure their "cooperation" on my farms. However, I have heard tell of another mod, Knockout Framework, which allows individuals to be knocked unconscious by specific attacks (such as pistol whipping) and was curious if a feature could be implemented in conjunction with this mod to make nonlethal acquisition of labor much easier? My body courses with Atom's vigor, and the feeble heretics often have difficulty keeping enough limbs intact when fighting me to serve adequately.

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