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January 2019 Specifics


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28 through the 28th

Starting with the December contest, I'll be announcing the next settlements on the last day of the previous contest. Which will give you a full month to work on each build!

The Contest mod is now updated so that Nuka World items will no longer flash purple.

Settlement Options

-Red Rocket
-Nukaworld Red Rocket


Prizes will continue! With t-shirts for top 3 and gog/steam games to the winner!

For future contests, I've also opened up the possibility of people donating directly to the prize pool, so we can continue to offer more interesting things to you folks for all of your effort.

Special Requirements

Each round, we'll have some requirements of your City Plan. Sometimes it will be specific items, special rules, or even themes, see below for current special requirements.

- Must have at least 12 plots. They can be any combination of types and classes.
- Must have at least one of each plot type. The types are: Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Martial, Recreational, and Residential. (Advanced Industrial is considered a class of Industrial so it counts!)
- Must support at least 11 settlers, but no more than 15. That means a job and bed for each settler (from plots or otherwise)
- **Minutemen vs Raiders** - Build an outpost for the Minutemen or Raiders.

General Requirements

The following requirements will likely apply to every month's contest.

- Must have a Recruitment Beacon in each level. SPECIAL OPTION - If building a Raider themed NukaWorld settlement, you may also include the Raider recruitment beacon.
- Must have a City Planner's Desk in each level.
- Can only use items from the base game, Sim Settlements, or those unlocked by the Project Blueprint mod from the City Planner's Toolkit.

DLC Rule

Whenever a DLC settlement is used, you may use items from that DLC while building in that settlement. If two different DLC settlements are used in the same round, or one DLC settlement, and one vanilla, you may still only use DLC items in the settlements from that DLC.

Ultimately, the goal is to ensure we don't add any requirements that require players to have to purchase or install anything else - it should be very easy for new players to pick up your plans and enjoy them!

Pick your settlement from the list above and GO GO GO!