Question Jammer's Raiders: Sarah seems broken, won't assign

Discussion in 'Conqueror Help (Mod Questions Here)' started by spacefiddle, May 19, 2020.

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    New game, not using Civilians, not using very many pre-builts; so far most things seem to be running smoothly. Turned off "auto-apply faction skins" and so far that has stopped the downward spiral that occurs after assaults.

    However, I've had both Sarah and Jason show up so far, and only Jason is assignable as a Commander. When recruited, I chose an Outpost for her to go to; she never went there. Slept for 14 hours, fast traveled away and back, still at Starlight, hasn't moved.

    When I go to assign a commander, Ada and Jason show up, as well as the random civilians, but Sarah does not show up as an option; neither for Vassals nor Outposts. Again, slept, fast travelled away and back, &c. no effect.

    Edit: after another in-game day, she eventually showed up at Finch where I sent her, but she's still not assignable as anything to anywhere. Jason and Ada still both show up fine.

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    I just had a similar experience with Sarah. She showed up, was recruited, then was sent to Starlight Drive In as intended leader. When I later got to the Drive-In, she was not visible as a choice for leader/commander through "Assign Commander". However when I went into workbench mode and assigned her that way to the war planner's desk (as an object to manage), after a minute the message came up that she was now the leader of Starlight Drive In. Hope this helps.

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