Suggestion Ignore City Leaders for Conqueror morale purposes

Discussion in 'Conqueror (Mod Suggestions Here)' started by zodium, Mar 8, 2020.

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    Feb 24, 2020
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    It'd be great if you could let City Leaders be disregarded from Conqueror morale calcs. Currently, to have one civilian plot you need three soldier plots (3 > 1+1), to have two you need four soldier plots (4 > 2+1), three to five (5 > 3+1), etc. I've found when doing City Plans that having a civilian who can't be assigned to any useful civilian plots you might actually want sort of forces you to put in additional Mil/Rec plots that don't really make sense just to hit 51% soldier roles, and that's not a good mechanic.

    It also doesn't really make sense for the leader of my Brotherhood headquarters to be a civilian. Or Jammer, for that matter. :3

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