Suggestion I think we need an "Annex" option for Liberators

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    There's just too much Vanilla that breaks easily, and with the current state of Civilians and Pre-Conq, I dunno if the fixes and workarounds required will be worth the effort - or even fully effective on the Vanilla systems as they are.

    If the player has already unlocked a workshop and it's under player control, by any means, then the option to "Annex" it for your Liberator faction should probably be an option. There are umpteen ways the game can make a Minutemen player jump through hoops, for example, to get a settlement. If one of the Minutemen quests has unlocked a settlement, and it's owned by the base-game MM faction, I should just be able to convert it to an outpost or even a vassal without shooting up the place.

    Less specifically, any Liberator faction should be able to peacefully station troops in a town that the Sole Survivor is already in full control over. These people let me tell them where to sleep and what to eat; they're not gonna complain if i bivouac some of my soldiers xD.

    I've run a dozen game starts with various option combos - pre-built, pre-conq, neither, some of each, etc. and so forth - and the base game stuff just likes to find the path of most resistance. I leave some settlements Vanilla? The game picks a pre-conq town 20 miles further away for the next Minutemen quest. It never fails. Or rather I suppose it ALWAYS fails....

    I think the only safe and clean option will be, rather than try to dance around all the Vanilla requirements, to just let the Sole Survivor convert a controlled settlement to the Liberator pack without a fight. I'd argue it's no less immersive, maybe even more, than showing up to a walled defended town where everyone is suddenly tied up in the ten minutes you turned your back and activated the raid board :sorry

    So I can give Abernathy his silly locket, or fix the blasted water at Greygarden, and not worry about stuck quests in my log or NPCs that break. Overall, there won't be THAT many settlements that the SS unlocks normally - unless they want to - and even then, if you pre-build most of them, then even without pre-conq, you can't take them over unless they're one of the places with an unlock quest.
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    I agree. As someone who plays with the Minutemen, I often build up a settlement before vassalizing it. But then I have to go an shoot up everything to get it into the MM. This would also be a nice feature for settlements that are bugged with this mod, like Vault 88.
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