I love the Personal Guard

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    I am enjoying the Personal Guard squad so much. Seeing that on kinggath's update video got me to immediately start up a new character to benefit from it, and this evening was the best so far.

    My squad (7 mostly Raider Veterans) and I headed into Quincy and had a wonderful, chaotic time of gunshots, grenades, and mini-nukes flying all around.

    Just really felt the need to share how much this update has excited me.
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    The FO4 character may be the sole survivor, but after +1000h I don't fancy travelling around the 'wealth any more as a lone wolf. It's much more enjoyable to load the 'wealth with a ton of hostile NPCs and then confront them with a like-minded squad. To do so, recently i've taken up using the Heather and Barb companion mods (in large part) due to the fact that they get around the companion limit without revamping the whole companion framework.

    Aside from reminding me of Charlie Daniels Band's '85 album, Me and the Boys does an even better job of placing the sole survivor on a team to change the 'wealth in interesting and challenging ways beyond the narrative that Beth put together. A really good if not great contribution with the potential to be a masterpiece.
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