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Question How to unlock a Newspaper in Console or FO4Edit.


 First of all, I'm sorry if it's not appropriate for this place to ask questions about cheat-ish behavior. My apologies.
 I prefer the playstyle of using Sim Settlements in conjunction with Horizon (this MOD itself isn't really relevant to the question) to build houses and shops in SS plots.
 Industrial plots are unbalanced by Horizon standards, so I rarely use them.
 But the mechanism by which the player's actions are fed back in the form of a newspaper is very appealing.
 So I want to unlock only the Newspaper Bureau in the tech tree, but I can't find a way to do it.
 Stretching and unlocking the tree from wood takes a bit of time, and I feel like the resources gained in the process are a bit too rich.
 If anyone has a technique to solve this selfishness by making use of the Console or FO4Edit, please let me know.
 Thank you very much for reading this far.

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