Question How Is City Plans Supposed To Work?

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    Hi All
    New to Fallout 4 and Sim Settlements, I have started the default city plans to lots of settlements often right after I discover them.
    However I am noticing a few issues so have a few questions:

    1. Beds, I thought the city plans have room for settlers to make their own houses / beds? But most of my settlements after weeks in game with city plans on, have a massive bed shortage, and there are empty lots around saying "for rent"
    2. Food / Water, I thought setting up supply lines shares food / water is this correct? Cause lots of the default city plans are not self sufficient and they don't build food / water. However many of my settlements show 999 food / water (which is negative).
    3. Further to supply lines, is there a limit or something? I have set up all my settlements to send a supply line to the Starlight Drive In as my central hub (also using city plan), while this seems to work, I think if I add more supply lines to the drive in old ones drop out? I could be wrong here as managing supply lines is super hard as the bell never attracts the supply line settler so it is a mission to reassign them etc.
    4. The HUD thing that I added (that shows the settlement bars), can someone tell me what the little cow next to a resource means? And also what the bar with a scrap symbol on the left and a cap symbol on the right means?

    I think that is all for now, I'm sure I'll have lots more.

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    Oh it's late and I am tired but #4 is easy.

    #1 you may have to assign them manually in workshop mode. Check the assignment setting in the city manager halotape.

    #2 add some vanilla water pumps maybe, the AG plots may need you to assign a settler to them so they can catch up?

    #3 also do you have the IDEK logistics station mod installed.
    It kind of makes it so you don't need to think much about supply lines.

    Oh, this can really help:


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