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City Blueprint How can I break up SCOL's in compacted city plans?


New Member
I like to modify my settlements or combine the features of two CPs together, typically the RotC and a contest CP. Using the complex RotC is fine, however the contest CP's have static collections that I could like to remove, (so as not to watch a whole lot of things disappear when I have just a few objects to delete).
I was wondering if there is a tutorial/video somewhere that goes over how I can do this, or perhaps provide the steps if it is straight forward to follow.
I have looked at the toolkit chapters but can't make out how to bring up cell view for city plans (do I need to?) - I can find the groups of SCOLs (CPCPack_CP_...) in the object window Editor ID in creation kit for the CPs.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively L3 blueprint/layout files of settlements without scols would work, my current focus is NDCowdy's Murkwater, then a Spectacle Island mashup of NDCowdy and KynthiaBarnes. (a quick solution, however; give a man a fish - feed him for a day, teach a man to fish - feed him for his life)