Question How Badly Did I Break Tenpines Bluff?

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    Long story.

    I had a bed count bug with Tenpines Bluff but didn't notice it until I got the pop-up message that my settlers were unhappy and were on the verge of not being allied with me. For some unknown reason the Pip-Boy decided that the settlement had no beds and the happiness score had dropped down to 14 despite the fact that I had left the settlement with 9 settlers and 9 residential plots (recruitment beacon turned off.)

    These sort of settlement management issues are a pain in the backside as I play in Survival Mode and do not fast travel. The last thing I want to do when I am hunting down Kellog at Fort Hagen is travel back to Tenpines Bluff because the settlers have decided they don't have any beds when in fact they do.

    Not wanting to suffer any more consequences to the low settlement score due to an accounting bug. I decided to console command away their unhappiness. So I went back to Tenpines and googled for the console code. I decided to add 60 to their score thinking that 74 would be a reasonable score for the current development of the settlement.

    I then continued on with playing the game checking with the Pip-Boy to verify that the correct bed count was "sticking" this time. So the next time I checked in on Tenpines in the Pip-Boy the settlement score had risen to 184. 184? When I left Tenpines after changing the score it was 74. Did I use the wrong console command? What did I do? I shrugged it off and continued playing. Checking in on Tenpines again just a bit ago the score had risen to 221.

    Does anyone know how I messed this up? The console command I used was after clicking on the workbench was modav 129157 60

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