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Announcement Help Assaults are Broken!


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I wanted to clarify some things about how assaults work, as I've seen a few times people recommending the wrong solution.

There are several phases to an assault, we're going to talk about the combat phase and the cleanup phase.

1. Combat Phase - this is when you're actively engaged with the enemy, you'll have an objective to Kill or Subdue the defenders.

a. Once most defenders are killed or knocked down, you'll get markers on the remaining enemies.
b. Once all are dealt with the quest should complete within 15 seconds at most - if not, something went wrong.​

I bring up point b, as this is one of the spots I've seen people recommending waiting for their game to catch up, this is not the case. If you are sure you killed all enemies and the quest is not completing, there is a problem.

I've identified several causes of this and will have them fixed in patch 4.2.6, which will be out May 8th.

2. Cleanup Phase - this is where the settlers/civilians remain in the bleed out animation, and things are transitioned to your control. This happens immediately after the quest completion pop-up, and is the point where waiting is a good idea.

a. The following things have to happen in the background during this phase: Settlers/civilians and turrets are made friendly, some number of soldiers are made into guards, plots are re-assigned, settlers/civilians are tagged with the appropriate flags to be a part of your empire, Wages/Rations/Equipment are recalculated.

b. This phase can take an extraordinary amount of time if there are a large number of civilians/settlers and plots in the settlement, so be patient. I'm actively working on ways to trim this time down substantially. If not in 4.2.6, then 4.2.7 - this is a high priority for me.

c. You do not have to remain here during this, but it is highly recommended you do. You'll know that it's complete as all of the remaining settlers/civilians will stand up from bleed out. If you decide not to stick around, be sure to leave for a minimum of 24 hours in-game, and be certain the cell has unloaded by going fairly far from it. Otherwise, you'll likely return to the NPCs shooting at you.​