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Old Post Flare gun - but for Conqueror & Vassal Interaction


I would like to see a way to call in reinforcements from your military outposts in Conqueror, similar to the flare-gun for the minutemen. Once called in, the raider recruits would follow you around for a while and help you out, and you could lose them in combat too, so it adds a risk factor just like how you can lose raiders when assaulting settlements.

I would also like to see usable artillery for Conqueror without having to side with the minutemen, and being able to set up patrols between settlements could be interesting too.

I also think that we need some more interactions with vassals. Maybe tie their settlement happiness to a system of missions and needs/demands. They can request your help, give you missions, ask for favors/resources/items, etc.

They can rebel against you if their happiness gets too low. You can demand specific tribute from them, such as medical supplies, or food/water, or military supplies, etc, with higher happiness leading to better tribute and affecting their resource production. You can control tax rates and production percentages of how much of their resources they have to give you, etc.
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Yes please.