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Echo Lake Lumber - Restoration


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City Planner (S3)
This month, I'm putting all my odd themes and witty quips aside, and going to go for a straight restoration of the Echo Lake Lumber sawmill complex. The FH quest line can have this place settled by those looking to restore its power connections to the offshore wind farms, and a restoration of its previous activity in cutting and exporting wood is a natural extension of that industrial focus.

After all, when every tree in the Commonwealth is dead, but the trees on the island are only HALF dead, there's opportunity!
come and breathe the fresh air as we let nature take one for the team
Think L0 is pretty much done already, 6 jobs covering the basics. A replacement barn structure by the entrance (since we can't get inside the old one) housing power/water/admin, roof of the main lodge sealed up, and a piece-for-piece restoration of the lumber lean-to forms a basis of what the settlers aim to accomplish.


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For me, this one took a while, as I was "distracted" from building by some pressing IRL things this month. At last, however, its done!

A walk-through video will be added to supplement the level-up video within the next few days, once I actually get the time to record some audio, edit things together, etc.

For now, I hope you enjoy this relatively modest city plan that seeks to restore Echo Lake Lumber rather than tearing it down and starting from scratch.