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CTD Starlight Drive-in Upgrade from Level 0


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Hi all,

Starlight Drive-in has been "driving" me crazy! At first I had the problem where I couldn't approach without a CTD, but I found a save before the upgrade and set the upgrade to manual. Now, whenever I trigger the upgrade manually, I get a crash.

I've searched a lot of the forum, and tried a lot of things, but I am not an expert mod user, so don't assume I know what I'm doing :)

Some things I've tried:
1. Reset the settlement and rebuild from scratch using optimized
2. Refresh City and Refresh Local Plots
3. Sit idle for >5 min (fallrim tools shows zero active scripts)
4. Turn off cinematic upgrade
5. Reduce threads
6. Disable all mods except sim settlements all-in-one
7. Turn off ai
8. Reinstall all mods (switched to Vortex)

Nothing helps, CTD every time, and it seems around the same point (past where a water pump is built in the pond). So I'm guessing something has messed up a texture that SS needs, but I don't know how to tell which one.

I currently don't have any other settlements that offer an upgrade, even though several are at 100%, so I'm not sure if Starlight is somehow holding up the others. All are level 0.

I have a decent rig (i7-6700K, 16GB ram, GTX 970) so I don't think machine resources are a problem.

Now for the true confessions part, I didn't know you weren't supposed to remove mods. I don't remember doing a lot of that, but I can't swear I didn't cause a problem there. I remember at one point there was a different VIS-G item sorter mod that I swapped out, but both were by Vis-G. I can poke around in old save files using fallrim if that helps.

I haven't used any scrap mods (as far as I know). I can post my plugin/mod list if someone can tell me an easy way to get it from Vortex. Here is a listing of the Vortex mods directory at least:
Additional Body Textures (Performance Choice)-7432-2/
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v5.0 - CBBE Patch v2-6091-v5-0/
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v8.3-6091-8-3-1540418133/
Atomatron Addon 1.07-21262-1-07/
Better Settlers v2.0 Master FOMOD-4772-2-0/
BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v4.7.0-25-4-7-0-1539383859/
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer - v2.6.1-15-2-6-1/
CBBE Reduced (with dismemberment)-15-1-0-2/
Companion Infinite Ammo - SINGLE-6233-1-3/
Configurable Fusion Core Drain 1.6-325-1-6/
Corpse Cleaner - v1.07-21262-1-07/
Def_ui 1.5.1-10654-1-5-1/
DEF_UI Compatibility Patch-20309-/
Eli's Armour Compendium - CBBE and BodySlide 1.5-22431-1-5/
Everyone's Best Friend v3.0.0-13459-3-0-0/
Farharbor Addon 1.07-21262-1-07/
Full Dialogue Interface - All languages - NMM installer - Beta12-1235-Beta12/
HUDFramework 1.0f-20309-1-0f/
IDEK's Logistics Station 1.2.3b-28945-1-2-3b/
Idle Hands - Female Idle Flavor and Dialogue Customization v2.6-6113-2-6/
Longer Power Lines 3x-2241-1-1/
LooksMenu BodyGen Presets - More Accents-27890-1-1/
LooksMenu v1-6-12-12631-1-6-12/
Mod Configuration Menu 1.32-21497-1-32/
Nukaworld Addon 1.07-21262-1-07/
PAAM - All-in-One FOMOD installer-18417-1-2/
Pip-Boy Flashlight-10840-5-0-2/
PIP-Pad 0.7b-21953-0-7b/
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2_5a - BA2 version-8126-2-5a/
Remove Helmet In Dialog-24480-103/
Settlement Menu Manager - 0.1.4-24204-0-1-4/
Sim Settlements Mayors-29861-1-1/
Sim Settlements Three-in-One v3.4.6a-21872-3-4-6a-1540603996/
Sim Settlements VIS-G Patch v1.0-33383-2-4-1539543979/
Sleeve Fix-21953-0-3/
Standalone PA Station with Chains-8231-1-0-5/
True to Vanilla Body - CBBE-24316-1-0/
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch-4598-2-0-5b/
VIS-G Item Sorting v2.5-33383-v2-5-1539512865/
Workshop Framework 1.0.6-35004-1-0-6-1540602360/

Help me SimSettlements, you are my only hope :party:


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Even with a good rig, just certain combinations of mods, and save file activity don't work well with the City Plans. It's completely arbitrary. I have the exact same setup as you and have never crashed from the City Plans - but plenty of others with better PCs crash.

Unfortunately, this game engine just wasn't designed for us to have nice things. The manual upgrades are a great solution so you can test the waters before committing to a level. You'll likely find some settlements are totally fine all the way up to level 3.

The two changes you'll likely want to make in order to make it more likely to be successful, are to crank the threads all the way to 30 (reducing those is not always very useful), and turning off Clutter in the performance options, which will greatly reduce the amount of items SS creates.


New Member
Thanks for the tips, though unfortunately the upgrade still crashes. Is there anything I have to do after turning off clutter? Like wait 5 minutes?

The other thing I wonder about is what might be preventing my other settlements from having the (manual) upgrade option available. Do I have to upgrade the drive-in before any other settlements will have that option?

I am also going to try loading a save from before I had any mods installed, though that undoes a fair bit of game progress...


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No, nothing you need to do. I'd plan on just leaving it at that level, something in that build doesn't agree with your game.

Leaving Starlight at that level won't affect your other settlements.