Question CTD on entering Mechanist Lair, WSFW?

Discussion in 'Workshop Framework (Mod Questions Here)' started by earthdude, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Here's my issue:
    I finally decided to pursue the Automatron quest line after spending a lot of time doing other things.
    Upon attempting to enter Robco Sales and Service for the 1st time, it CTDs during load. This is repeatable in my case.
    --On searching the web, I found the County Crossing Autamatron fix (already loaded and active); did nothing.
    --I looked in FO4Edit and found no cell conflicts
    --I unloaded all my texture mods (on the off chance it's a weird texture or graphics issue)
    ==> None work.
    (I spent an extremely long amount of time working on the stability of my game and have reduced most graphics-related CTDs to near zero; I don't think it's graphics-related.)

    The only thing I notice differently from my prior playthroughs (which did not have WSFW installed), and why I am even wondering if WSFW may be involved, is that when I approach the door to enter Robco Sales and Service, I get the settlement HUD displayed, which never happened before I had WSFW. I did disable WSFW to no effect, but I'm wondering if whatever global business it does had already been applied.

    Any ideas? WSFW or not that I could try? (Aside from the laborious and mind-numbing process of narrowing down mod conflicts the hard way; maybe this weekend...)
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    I suggest loading a really minimal game (WSFW only - with perhaps a few F4SE things like MCM), going into godmode, and seeing what happens when you attempt to enter the Mechanists Lair.

    If it CTDs then you have a game that kinggath can look at. If not, you can start enabling your full mod loadorder a few at a time to see what/where it happens.

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