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Covenant Compound - L3 COMPLETE


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EDIT: Welp, I've been diddled again.
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I have completed my L3 build and, with help from the community and a few choice console commands, discovered my build limit bar hath betrayed me. I've gone well beyond the build limit (looking at the images I've taken, I can now see how) and I'll be damned if I'm stripping my build in half and trying to salvage what remains with so little time remaining. So, sadly, I must announce my withdrawal.

But not before I show you what I've done.


Something happened at the small settlement known as Covenant. Its inhabitants, long-time xenophobes and all around weirdos, one day up and disappeared - their turrets dismantled, their doors left wide open.

It didn't take long for the scavvers and raiders of the wasteland to come through and pick the place clean, taking just about everything not nailed down. Eventually somebody came along with a box of ASAMs and a group of settlers, booted out the squatters and radroaches, and set out to create a small fortress within the imposing concrete walls.

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That is very sad mate that you wont be in the comp but it looks amazing. You should definitely post it as a City plan on Nexus and if you need help let me know. :)


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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback, I'm glad you all seem to like what I've created. I wanted Covenant to be unrecognizable, and I think I succeeded.

Seeing as it's no longer contestable, if I were looking to upload it to Nexus I'd want to *really* finish it. I'd probably look to expand the settler count to 16 (or 17) and complete the decorating and lighting (got about 90 percent done).

Without knowing how to effectively optimize the settlement however, there's no guarantee it wouldn't melt others' computers into hot slag. The triangle and draw call numbers were already over by quite a bit; I don't know the first thing about creating precombines in the creation kit or whatever, and to be honest the prospect of going through and completing the remaining city levels is turning me off.

I'll have to think about it. I'd love the opportunity to give this as a complex city plan option for people.


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Honestly, given the location, you could probably safely go over the build limit there. Nothing else is around there, save for maybe Taffington.


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Just to be certain, I know not to place new plots at lower levels but can I place vanilla assignable stuff at foundation level if they're not going to appear at any other level? I'm wanting to plop vanilla crops of mutfruit and tatos to sustain 4 settlers, but they're gonna be absent from the remaining levels.

Will that be fine?


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A curse upon ye house and eternal damnation if ye be wrong

Nah but seriously I myself can't see any reason why it wouldn't be okay.
bUt I'vE bEeN wRoNg BeFoRe :confused:


Personally I'm still suspect of anything connected to a power grid.
Removal by script (like a city levelling script) is Bad.
I Know that Kinggath has set it up to do safely... I'm just paranoid about it.