Bug Conqueror Pre-Build City Selections / Plans - Varying?

Discussion in 'Conqueror Mod (System Bugs)' started by MrCJohn, Apr 20, 2019.

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    So, I have been building Conqueror Pre-Build save files as I have been waiting for some mods to update.

    Today, I went to play my own personal game (new game), and did not use a prebuild I had done, because I like foundation levels with zero people to start (and this is niche versus trying to appeal to a larger group). This allows me time to do questing before I can have cities of size.

    Two things happened once I got out of the vault -
    1) Sanctuary and Red Rocket both had level 1 cities and full of people - not my foundation levels with zero people,
    2) I never selected Sanctuary and Red Rocket on the left to move to the right.
    3) (okay, I lied, 3) I noticed 2 plans I have not seen in the City Contest entries - MyMurder something by Myramachine, Swamp life by Privatepye or something, and Fort Red Rocket. The former 2, I had not seen in the list and missed them in my Finalist showcase files. Fort Red Rocket by Sirlich I think shouldn't have been on the right side considering I did not select Red Rocket from the left pane (and was still there).

    I am not sure that this is so much a bug, but I am concerned that the files I have been producing, may be suspect in what I state they should be? I want to say this as a scripting lag issue, but wanted to check and see if this is already a known?

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