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Question Conqueror, is conquering required?


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(Haven't played conqueror yet.) Do I HAVE to conquer settlements when conqueror is active or can I still obtain settlements the old fashioned way of radiant quests? Like can I still walk up to Blake Abernathy and agree to find his daughter's ring? Or do I have to raid the place to liberate/conquer? If I did liberate it, does Blake still ask if I can find his daughters ring?

Mod settlements do work in conqueror right? And if a mod rewards you with a settlement on quest completion or whatever, I still get it as a reward, right? Or would I have to conquer/liberate it? Is it automatically made a vassal or would I have to designate it as a vassal after I'm rewarded with the settlement?


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No is the short answer.
the long answer you will get a dialogue option that goes like this, *jammer* you sure boss that is already yours, *you* can then decide to attack it or not. So you can take settlements the original way through quests/kill.

Opi Vali

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There needs to be a process that you do their quest. They become your ally. They get taken over. You set them free. They are your ally again. Or conversely you should free them and then have to do their quest to complete the process of becoming a ally without losing the ability to use them in the Conqueror framework. See that’s the problem I have had.

Freeing them first leaves the quest undone and experience points lost, but then doing the quest locks them out of the Conqueror framework unless you use the holotape.

Doing it the other way around messes with happiness.

Conqueror just doesn’t play well with the base game in that regards, which is why there is the holotape.

Well, at least that’s what I’ve seen so far. I could be wrong and there are those on here who would know better than me.