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Question Conqueror appears to cause CTD


New Member
G'Day everyone,

Each time I have installed Conqueror, at some stage during play it will randomly CTD.

Apart from what is listed below, what other details do I need to supply to assist in finding the cause of this issue?

Windows 10 Professional
Ryzen 3600 CPU
RTX 2070 GPU

Latest versions of Fallout 4, Sim Settlements 3-in-1, Workshop & Conqueror.

Thanking you in advance for reading this post,



SS can generate a lot of script load on the system sometimes, and too much load can lead to CTDs, especially in the "triangle-of-death" area (see here for some good advice on avoiding trouble). In prior playthroughs I've often experienced CTDs when fast travelling to a settlement or even when walking up close to one.

What has helped me recently in my current Conqueror playthrough is installing Baka Scrapheap which increases the memory available for scripts. Make sure to carefully read the requirements section and install all additional mods needed for this to take effect (F4SE, Address Library for F4SE Plugins, Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 runtime). Since I installed this I am getting far fewer CTDs. Perhaps it may help you as well.

While it won't help with CTDs, SS and Conqueror are easier to use and configure when Workshop Plus, HUD Framework and Mod Configuration Menu are installed, so you may like to install them as well. Finally it's probably a good idea to install the Canary Save File Monitor which will warn you if a save file is missing data.