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    Questions, questions, questions... Praise be to chaos.

    I looked at mod Workshop Framework v.1.1.3a and mod More Attackers - Get Off My Buildzone v.1.1.7 for compatibility.

    There are no direct conflicts in plugins or the main script. There is a conflict in script fragments used in attack quests.

    Since WSFW is ESM, MoreAGOMBz is ESP, MoreAGOMBz always wins in loading order. Script fragments from MoreAGOMBz will be loaded. MoreAGOMBz will work as intended.

    What will happen to WSFW functionality?

    In version 1.0.8 of WSFW was added:
    -Added a MessageManager quest which allows the player to control circumstances when messages show up. Many workshop messages have been routed through this system, and any mod may make use of it as well to display their own messages.
    --All raid messages from the base game are routed through this system.

    You will lose this item "--All raid messages from the base game are routed through this system.". Instead, notifications system from MoreAGOMBz will be used:
    - Adds notifications to animals attacks
    - Adds notifications in mesage box (configurable)
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