Compacted City Plans - Part 2

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    Thanks everyone for all of your help and feedback testing the City Plans so far!

    I think we have most of the kinks worked out, but the final test will be to see how the community plans hold up to the process. For that, I've compacted all of the City Plan Contest Entries we've released to date.

    You can download the file here:

    Notice the file name says V5, as we've already gone through several iterations in our official testing channels, and now we want to get some more eyes on it. This is a massive change, and once we roll it out, there's really no going back without corrupting save files, so we need to be certain.

    If you run into any crashing, or giant blob items, report them here by posting the City Plan, Settlement Name, and level of the City Plan when the issue occurred. (Floating items are likely not an issue with the compacting, and are instead probably just an item the designer missed in the plan.)

    Here is the original thread for reference:
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