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Discussion in 'SS Help (Mod Questions Here)' started by Tikikai, Feb 13, 2020.

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    I recently reinstalled Fallout 4 because I heard about Conqueror. I added pretty significant number of mods, but none of them should be conflicting with SS. I wanted to try to RotC stuff in Sanctuary, so I put down the city planner desk, assigned Codsworth as leader and let it get to work. However the foundations never seemed to finish. There are several floating objects (mostly power connectors) and some things that seem to be missing when compared to Kinggath's city building video. My settlers also seem to be pretty broken because of it. None of them want to be assigned to plots, I'm guessing because they are waiting for the foundations to begin with. On the HUD where it says the city level and its progress, it has not increased at all despite me giving it plenty of time. The same is said for the city planner desk. I've tried refreshing multiple times, but it only ever builds up to a certain point, then seems to stop. When I go into workshop mode a strange pop up appears telling me i am already past the max allowed for "that item" though I have no idea what it could be talking about. Is there anything I could try in order to fix this?
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    Posting a load order might be a good start? :scratchhead

    The pop-up might be telling you to increase your build limit. That is in the halotape. A screenshot would be helpful. :good

    Most folks do avoid doing city plans in Sanctuary. :unknw

    Try a different City Plan. :umnik2
    Sim Settlements - City Plan -Sanctuary-Junk Town
    I don't use city plans in Sanctuary, but if I did that would be the one.
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    I dare say the foundation level is finished and you need to be more patient. It's totally normal to question it when you build your first ever ROTC settlement, it looks rather odd and empty. Differences to a kinggath video are probably because he recorded it with the old plan (separately available now as the complex plans). Plots are hidden until they get activated by new settlers. Look closely, probably the first plots you'll see are agricultural (behind the building with the workbench) and a few interior residential plots (look inside the buildings).
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    Would agree with @rizzla if this wasnt included:-
    Does seem a bit strange that these items are floating.
    As @RayBo says, try a different plan, and when it asks to rip the other one down (IIRC), say yes and see if all the floating stuff gets removed.
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