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Checklists To Help Create Mods

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BTK Checklist 02: Creating Your First Building
This checklist outlines the detailed steps provided in BTK Tutorial file 02: Creating Your First Building. This is to be used as a reference and not as a tutorial.

2a) Setup: Creating Your Mod File
2b) Create Building Workspace
2c) Begin Building
2d) Building Guidelines and Tips
2e) Creating a NIF
2f) Nifscope Name Sanitization
2g) Completing Static Model + Assoc. Building Plan
2h) See / Test In Game
2i) Shortcut Movement Keys in Render Window


2a) Setup: Creating Your Mod File

Open the Creation Kit
  • File -> Data and check Fallout4.esm and SimSettlements.esm. Press OK.
  • File -> Save and choose a name for your Mod.
    • Once complete, you only need to check your Mod's name and set as Active File.
2b) Create Building Workspace
  • Cell View Window (World Space set to Interiors)
  • Click an item in World Editor ID -> type kgsim -> select kgSIMBuildingStage and double click
  • Object Window -> filter = EditorHelper -> select desired plot type
    • Double-click plot model -> Edit window appears
    • Set all position and rotation values to 0
    • Note: the editor will be above the building stage, not on it.
  • Layers Window -> select desired EditorHelp model -> Add Layer -> name the layer
    • Verify Markers are displaying correctly (press M to toggle)
  • Object Window -> filter = AlignmentHelper -> select desired Helper
    • Set all position and rotation values to 0
    • Optional: add AlignmentHelper to its own layer
2c) Begin Building
  • Object Window select WorldObjects -> Static
    • Note: leave something in the filter to speed up loading elements
  • Use filters to select an object -> drag element into Render Window
2d) Building Guidelines and Tips
  • Save often. CK can CTD too!
  • Level 1 is basic. Level 2 has power. Level 3 is decorations
    • Residential Exterior Plot example: Level 1 = small shack. Level 2 = Patched up (most of) the holes and has lamps. Level 3 has personality and is a 'home'.
  • SS Plot Utility Pole: Don't cover up the electrical connection.
  • One-sided statics are a thing. Ensure the 'invisible' side is concealed.
  • Green statics can be used, but must be fragmented (Alt + U)
  • Filter "workshop" items are great to use in SS.
2e) Creating a NIF
Warning: Do not use an Animated Static. It will crash the CK.
  • Hide EditorHelper layers (including the Utility Pole Helper) and temporary item layers (if any)
    • Showing: pre-placed cement base below the model, building pieces, AlignmentHelper, major furniture pieces (helps with NPC pathing)
  • Drag a box to encompass all the building elements.
  • De-select and re-select the AlignmentHelper (ctrl+click x2)
    • Places the AlignmentHelp at the 'top' of the list and aligns entire building.
  • Alt+O -> Name the static with suffix _SCOL -> OK to accept the name.
  • Click OK on Input Object Window Filter (no input required)
  • Double-click the model = Properties window -> Edit
    • Examine model to ensure nothing was missed / left out
  • Object Data drop down select kgSIM_AlignmentHelper and verify positional data =0's
  • Click re-create NIF from Data
2f) Nifscope Name Sanitization
  • Locate your exported Nif in Fallout4...Data\Meshes\SCOL and rename from Hex gibberish to your object name minus the _SCOL suffix
  • Create (or find) your own folder in Data\Meshes\<yourfolder> and copy your object here
  • Open the model in Nifscope, Save it, OK to names being sanitized, and close Nifscope
    • That is the minimum to get the Nif into SS and all that is covered in this tutorial.
2g) Completing Static Model + Assoc. Building Plan
  • Object Window -> WorldObjects -> Static (right side of window) right click -> New
    • Name the model its final name
    • Click Edit near the middle of the screen = 3D model screen
    • Click Edit and navigate / select the model saved from Nifscope
    • OK to confirm model selection and OK to finish static creation
  • Object Window -> MiscItem -> kgSIM_BuildingPlanTemplate right click and duplicate
    • Change the ID
    • Name field: Enter the in-game Building Name then click OK
    • Create A New Form = Yes
    • Re-open Building Plan -> select text SimSettlements:SimBuildingPlan under Papyrus scrips and press Properties button
    • Double click Level Stops -> Add -> enter 1 for Int Value
    • Note: Level Stops are discussed in detail in later tutorials. The 1 means the building will upgrade.
    • Commercial Plot Override: Double click PlotTypeOverride, check Filter box, type kgsim_typecommercial, select an available type (except kgSIM_TypeCommercial)
    • Skip StageItemSpawns for now
    • Double click StageModels -> Add -> enter ST and wait for the CK to catch up
    • Select Static (if not already showing) from the list
    • Check Filter and enter kgSIM_BuildingMaterials to select starting building material model desired.
    • Again Select Static -> check Filter -> enter your model name
    • Press OK, then OK again
    • Save
2h) See / Test In Game
  • Ensure your mod is being loaded (Check the box for your Mod in NMM Plugins)
  • Load the game -> Create the appropriate Plot Type -> open console
  • Type help <part of your building plan name> 4
    • If a space is in your building plan, the whole text string must be in quotes
    • Ex: help "MM Barracks Wood" 4
    • Your plot's game ID is shown
  • While still in console, click Plot Utility Pole
  • Type in console cf "testbuildingplan" <plot's game ID> 0
    • Ex: cf "testbuildingplan" 0A001732 0
    • The 0 denotes the building materials stage. Entering 1 will skip to Level 1 of the building
Skipped from Tutorial PDF: Integrating With Sim Settlements Without the Console Commands

2i) Shortcut Movement Keys in Render Window
From Tutorial 00 - Creation Kit 101
Camera Controls
  • Left-click on object + Shift = rotate camera
  • Mouse Wheel = camera zoom
  • Middle mouse button (or push down mouse wheel) = pan camera
Moving / Rotating Objects
  • Left-click and drag a selected object to move it around.
  • Right-click and drag a selected object to rotate it on the Z-axis
  • Press E to bring up arrows to move your object with
  • Hold X or C for forward/backward and left/right
  • Hold Z for up and down
  • Press W to bring up a rotation helper, dragging one of the circles will rotate your objects in different directions
Hiding / Showing Objects
  • Press 1 to fade something out, Press 1 twice to hide it.
  • Press Alt+1 to unhide/unfade everything
Creating/Breaking Down SCOLs
  • Alt + O To create the SCOL
  • Alt + U To fragment the SCOL
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