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CaptainLaserBeam's Jampads

CaptainLaserBeam's Jampads Captain Laser Beam


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GA_Darkerside submitted a new resource:

CaptainLaserBeam's Jampads - CaptainLaserBeam's Jampads - Sim Settlement Add-on


New Homes: 1

Glory Days - a lair for the true baseball fanatic.

New Shops: 0

In the works . . .

New Factories: 1

Donuts - more sugar and tasty treats for everyone. Donut mix on the lower levels, and more and fancier donuts as it advances.

New Farms: 1

Beans for Breakfast - A silt bean agriculture plot that begins to produce extra items at level 3 and 4 (if you have Industrial Revolution) to give your settlers that caffeine boost.

New Rec: 1 (Int)...

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