Question Can you make your first outpost back to a normal settlement?

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    On the wiki under SSCONPATCH, version 4.0.2 it says:
    • Outpost Map - This object allows you to change your main base, convert regular settlements to Outposts under some circumstances, dismantle outposts and convert them back into settlements or completely abandon them.
    Yet I have Conqueror installed, and I am not tampering too much with it since I don't want to FUBAR anything. I tried setting up the war planner's desk and choosing a liberator faction, but once it is done, I cannot make the location a normal settlement again using the map.

    The rest of Sim Settlement is plug and play, and you can nuke and rebuild settlements to your heart's content, yet this conqueror options seems like a one way street with no going back once started. I have installed Conqueror after the introduction sequence if that's important info.
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    You need to have at least two outposts to “undo” one of them. If you make a second outpost, you should see the option “dismantle outpost” when activating the war desk map at one of them. I’m not sure, but you might not be able to dismantle the “main” outpost without changing the main outpost first (another option from the map).

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