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    Been having issues building in Boston Airport with build bar going in reverse and I thought I would do some testing to get to what is happening.
    I have seen at least 2 others having the same issue with bad reporting build bar causing you to over budget and having to use "recalculate usage" frequently.
    I ran some tests to get some data. I don't know if using the plot upgrade command could have caused the following issue but it just seems odd.
    I used the following commands; Vanilla Console command "Getav 34a" to get the current draws at any given time and I used the SS Holotape command "Recalculate Usage"

    I start with only a spawn settler button, the workshop, 1 settler, Cait and one 30 power connector.
    Run: Getav 34a = 7 draws
    Choose a single random resident plot, right after build: Getav 34a = 42 draws
    I the run Recalculate Usage and run again Getav 34a = 85 draws
    I use force plot upgrade command and waited 5 mins after it upgrades, Getav 34a = 53 draws
    Run recalculate usage and again run, Getav 34a = 77 draws
    I run force plot upgrade again the run, Getav 34a = 50 draws
    Run recalculate usage and , Getav 34a = 74
    I exited the game and checked my save and had 2 active scripts and 0 stacks

    A second test using a commercial plot yielded;
    Plot built =137
    fast travel and sleep24/return =137
    Recalculate = 181
    unlock = 160
    Recalculate = 188
    unlock = 167
    Recalculate = 195
    2 scripts and zero stacks

    Some others I tested I got back ZEROS sometimes after a force level up.
    Whats causing it, I don't know? But, there's the data, I hope someone finds it useful.

    Its not just SS plots that are not reporting/refreshing.
    Some Vanilla items go down;
    10 MG Turrents went from 60 down to 27 draws
    Some go up...
    20 BOS walls went from 47 up to 87
    30 Double outer walls stayed the same at 133
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    Interesting. Which plots did you run in each of these tests?

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    I don't remember the first plot plots name, only that it was a a outdoor residential, and was wood and one level, the other on that came to 195 draws was a commercial plot called Gaslight concoctions.
    It was two levels and much more detailed than the residential.

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