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    There is several bugs going on with the new plots. To illustrate this I loaded sim settlement only mods and built a small settlement with only the following plots:

    1. 3 Residentials
    2. 1 Military Hospital
    3. 1 Armoury
    4. 1 Mess Haul

    I used autobuildparent and made them all level 3.

    The following errors occur;

    1. Defense should be 88 however its only counting 1 of the 2 martial plots (one of the plans always doesn't count in the math.
    2. Local report should show 2 martial and 1 recreational. These plots never show up in local report.
    3. If you create a city plan based on these plots with designer choice on you will always get the Hospital but not the armory or mess haul.

    Attached our screenshots showing you all this.

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