Question BUG: Jammer Initial Dialogue and Red Tourette

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    If you kill Red Tourette before you encounter Jammer for the first time, he will act like you are already in the raider questline when you do encounter him and he you and give you the Tower Tom quest, instead of "in it for the money" like he is supposed to.

    PS: While we're on the topic of initial dialogue, one QOL feature request:
    Jammer (and while we're at it, preston) can only give you their quests if you are on foot. Make it so that they can no longer call out to you and attempt to start "In it for the money" or "When freedom calls" if you are riding in a low-flying vertibird.

    Update: As of 4.1.6, this seems to be.... halfway fixed. Jammer does start In It For The Money like he's supposed to, but the bug otherwise still remains in that the next thing he says is the bugged dialogue. I have included a small video showing this bug.

    (I also killed Jared here. I forgot to mention that.)

    (PS: The "Nuclear Warhead prepared for launch" notification is from Warlike. Also, shut up, Heather.)
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    Fixed for 4.2.2.

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