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Solved BoS special unit disappears after assaults


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I'm playing with the Brotherhood of Steel faction pack, so I don't know if it is a problem specific to that mod or not.

After recruting the specual unit, a Paladin, it does not appear at my outpost. I can still choose it for assaults, where it shows up and fights, but after the battle is over all the normal soldiers return to the outpost but the Paladin just disappears. I've used it for multiple assaults and it's always an option to include it but it doesn't seem to exist outside of the assault battles.

During an assault I've selected it with the console so when back in base I can use the 'moveto player' command in case I just can't find it, but that doesn't work either.

I'd like to assign Paladins for defence if possible.

Also, probably unrelated, sometimes during assaults the Paladin is hostile to the kneeling settlers.

Ad victoriam.


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That the Paladins only appear at assaults is likely as intended. Takarazuka, the author of the Brotherhood of Steel faction pack, has probably set the Paladins as "virtual units" (same as in Conqueror, Maul's doggies are virtual units). The BoS faction pack was last updated a year ago, and at that time Conqueror didn't have functionality for Power armor units. So the safest way was probably to set them as virtual units. Takarazuka would need to update the faction pack to let the Paladins function also outside of assaults.

If the hostility only happens sometimes, it's less likely because of how the faction pack is set up and more likely due to script lag since it can take some time to calculate the relations for each npc.


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Thanks Tinuvia. I didn't realise virtual units were a thing, but that makes sense.

I'd love to have some power armor laser gattling gun weilding badasses at my outpost gates, but I'm glad everything is working as intended.