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Born on the Bayou - The Murkwater Moonshiner's Retreat

Din'elen DarkStar

Well-Known Member
City Planner (S3)
Here at the Murkwater Moonshiner's Retreat we know how to treat you to a top notch alcoholic experience. There's a bar on every corner and everything is brewed and distilled right here onsite by the best brewmeisters and bayou moonshiners in the entire Commonwealth. All of our beers and spirits are made from the Commonwealths best swamp water that has been triple filtered through the finest vault-tech water filtration systems. So come on down to the Murkwater Moonshiner's Retreat! Rent a room at the Murkwater Arms Apartments and stay a spell. The first round is on the house and don't forget to say hello to the General while you're there. Sway carefully on your way home, we wouldn't want you to get lost in the swamp.