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    Now that a lot of you have joined the City Plan Contest and your stuff is starting to get released, I wanted to give you all some details about things you can do with your City Plans, if you'd like to add a personal touch to the way players interact with your City Plan.

    You can name it. When players go to select your City Plan at the desk, they will see a list and be presented a name. Any of you who have named your City Plans, I've used those names - if you don't name it, I just call it Settlement Name by Your Name (ex. Starlight Drive-In by MarkAlmighty).

    You can name it by using the City Plan maker tool yourself, or by telling uituit what you'd like to name it when you turn in your blueprint files.

    You can describe it. After selecting a City Plan from the list, players are given more details about your City Plan, so they can make a decision about whether they want to use it or not. The format we use for the pack is:

    Settlement Name - By Your Name

    Month Year City Plan Contest Entry

    <Description goes here>

    You can decide what goes in the description area (otherwise I just make up a little phrase based on your screenshots)! Here's an example of one that Yagisan turned in:

    Sunshine Tidings Mercer Safehouse is a small farming community that produces mixed produce. Sporting a bar, furniture store, pizzeria, and a fully equipped workshop. Includes a small player home. Supports 15 settlers.
    Just like the name, you can describe your City Plan by using the maker tool yourself, or telling uituit what you'd like it to be when you turn in your blueprint files.

    You can change the design (a little). If any of you decided to back and clean up a mistake you found in your City Plan, or reduce the density of it for the sake of Xbox players, I can update your plan in the pack. If you're interested in doing this, send me a PM, and we can discuss whether the changes you'd like to make are feasible without messing up existing saves.

    If any of you would like to change your City Plan name or description in the City Plan Pack, just send me a PM with what you'd like them changed to!
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