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You are invited to Bar Island, post-war New England's maine source of alcohol. Located north of Far Harbor, the island is home to three bars and a distillery, so you won't have to spend a moment sober!

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November's build was a challenging one. I didn't have a solid theme or idea going into it, and I ran into many technical issues that slowed me down. Add scheduling issues to the mix, and you have a mess that results in a submission just in the nick of time.

When I made my way to Longfellow's Cabin, the first thing that caught my eye was the trench running up the middle of the settlement, and I decided to focus my build around it. I thought about how settlers might use such a feature: as a garbage dump. I imagined the settlement built up and brightly lit on both sides of the trench, contrasting with the trash-lined drainage ditch in the middle. The two halves would be connected by a few bridges, with pipes and cables criss-crossing the gap.

With this idea in mind, my building was focused around the entrance and the trench itself. I honestly think that those areas are the best part of the settlement; the build gets less interesting and more generic the further you get from the middle. About half way through the month, I still didn't have a unifying theme for the build. I ended up trying to find out what this island is used for in the real world, and was inspired by its real name: Bar Island. Instead of being part of the Acadia National Park, my Bar Island was going to be a teetotaler's worst nightmare.

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I haven't got any writings prepared, so assuming I can post it later, I'll do it tomorrow. Otherwise, 10 pictures might be worth 10,000 words.


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