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    Greetings Everyone,

    So here is my situation. I play on PC. I mainly focus on Sim Settlements basic and Industrial Revolution. I have the HUD, Rise of the Commonwealth and Canary in the save file as well. I tried a city plan (Mechanistic's lair) and it bugged the entire game. I only use the planer desks, interior plots and donation systems from Rise of the Commonwealth.

    My Advanced Industrial plots keep getting bugged as well, so I had to turn off the stock piling. That seemed to have corrected the issue but comes with its own limitations.
    • OFF: Extra resources will no longer be stockpiled on the plot as part of the upgrade process. This will speed up upgrades for the plots that used the system, but will cut their output in half.
    • The option to turn the stockpile system OFF was added for people who have load order conflicts or save corruptions that prevent the resources from ever generating correctly. Without the stockpile system, you get far less resources, but at least you'll be able to upgrade the buildings.
    Which leads to my questions.
    How do I check for load order conflicts?

    With the Stock Piling off, do I just need to wait the required time? ​

    Can I turn the Stock Piling back on after a plot upgrades load in the required components then wait the required time, turn it back off for the update? Would this help any? ​

    Which leads to my suggestion. The HUD there is a progression bar for city advancement. Can this progression bar be added to the Industrial plots, so I can check to see how long it will be for them to upgrade? It would be nice to see the Industrial plot is 90% ready to upgrade so I can then choose to hang is the settlement for the upgrade instead of traveling out only to see that it now is ready.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and consider the options.

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