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    A lot of you are posting questions, comments, reports, suggesting changes to the way certain things work. Many of these, are actually behavior that is not expected. I wanted to outline a few of them so you know that you've run into something broken, and not an intentional design decision.

    All of these issues are not wide-spread, and do not occur for myself and most of our testers, so we're fairly certain they are mod conflicts that we have to address.

    1. Settlers all drop dead at the end of an attack. During attacks to create a Vassal or Slave Outpost, the settlers and civilians you "kill", should go to the injured state where they don't die, just sit there on the ground hurt. Some of you are finding that after the attack, they all drop dead. This is not normal. At the end, they should be standing back up a short while later, neutral to you and your gang.

    2. Raiders and defenders are spawning in dead. If you've ever attempted to go on an assault, and found a pile of your gang members are corpses, this is not normal. Your gang should all be idling around, possibly talking amongst each other, waiting for you to get there. They might engage with random enemies in the world, but unless the enemy is a deathclaw, they should be easily killing those enemies.

    3. Your raiders turn on you after a successful attack. This is likely a timing issue with scripts, and I'll probably have to put some more failsafes to prevent it from happening. After an Outpost attack, your attacking gang members should move in, and become neutral to any NPCs and turrets that survived, and should always be friendly to you, unless you kill several of them yourself (if you kill several of them, they would turn on you before the attack completed).

    After a Vassal attack, the attacking raiders should sandbox around the settlement for a while, and eventually head back to the Outpost they were last stationed at after you leave the area.

    4. Jammer is wandering away from your main Outpost. The first Outpost you establish is your main outpost, then wherever you send Jammer becomes your main in the future. There is a weird quirk with the vanilla AI package that handles telling NPCs to go to their assigned home that seems to kick in for some people. I have posted a potential fix for this here: https://www.simsettlements.com/site...ix-for-jammers-wandering-stuck-dialogue.8516/

    5. Jammer's dialogue gets stuck with him saying the same things, even after you've accomplished what he told you to do. This most commonly happens in combination with number 4. After you claim your first Outpost, Jammer should move into it. If he doesn't, the rest of his quest chain will get stuck, and you should plan on rolling back to before that attack and then either troubleshoot your load order, or wait for another patch to see if it resolves it.

    6. Killing any of the raider leader's Jammer sends you to kill, BEFORE he sends you to kill them prevents the quest objective from updating. This should not happen, and we've tested many times that Jammer should detect that you killed those NPCs earlier. If this happens to you, please go into the game, run: sqs kgconq_raidergang and note all of the stages that are complete (you can use Page Up on your keyboard to see more), and open a bug report with which of the NPCs you've killed and what stages are finished, so we can try and come up with some alternate means of verifying the kill - since apparently the call to "IsDead", is not reliable enough in the game engine...

    7. Your raiders are dieing in massive numbers and seem completely useless during attacks. Part of this is due to how big the Cities you are attacking are, how many settlements you've conquered so far (the more you have, the more hired guards the settlements will have), how many settlers/civilians they have, how many turrets they have, and how few entrances they have for your raiders to funnel into. Part of it is also just the terrible AI in the game, and we have some solutions in mind, such as a leveling system to make your raiders more powerful over time. Until then, there are several things you can do make the attacks more effective.

    a. Gear up the raiders in your main outpost. Whenever you make an attack, the first ones are pulled from your main outpost, so you can be sure that gearing those up will give you the strongest force.

    b. Level your character before giving Jammer supplies for recruitment. Approximately every 10 levels, you unlock a new tier of raider in the recruits (they are currently all called Raider Recruit - another thing we plan on addressing in future patches). So raiders recruited after you are level 10, will be more powerful than the first ones you start with, this continues up through level 40 (we'll continue to add more to that scaling system in time as we have a chance to balance things more).

    8. Jammer will not talk to you when sitting up on the roof when you approach him in Concord. This generally means that either Sim Settlements 4.0.0 didn't install correctly, Workshop Framework 1.1.0 didn't install correctly, or you have a mod that is overwriting the changes to the Concord cell we are using - though that last one should be pretty unlikely.

    To fix an issue with a failed install, do the following:

    a. Disable Conqueror, load your save, move far away from where Jammer is in Concord, then save your game and exit.
    b. Manually install the latest Sim Settlements and Workshop Framework: https://simsettlements.com/web/wiki/index.php?title=Install#Manual_Installation
    c. Re-enable Conqueror and load your game again, then head into Concord. If it works, he should start shouting at you before you even make it around the corner to see him.

    This all of course assumes you haven't already finished the museum part. If you've already finished that, he should instead be found by the playground equipment behind the building he's sitting on. If that doesn't happen, you can click on him in console, then go near that equipment and run the command moveto player

    This latter issue of him not going there on his own should never occur, and is a sign there's something else going on that we should try and get to the bottom of, or you're likely going to run into additional problems down the line.

    I want to re-iterate, that none of these issues are bugs with the mod, I've only been able to replicate a few of them, and even then - not consistently. These all appear to be mod conflicts, or sequencing issues (ie. you did something in an order that I didn't account for). So it will take a bit of time to work all of these out, but I'm committed to a perfect experience in the long term, so none of these issues will be ignored.
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    Thank you for posting that!
    Do you have enough information to resolve the mod conflicts or would you like us to post the number above we've experienced and our mod load order?
    4 and 5
    Order copied from LOOT. I'm a newb so let me know if I need to reformat this or anything.
    0 0 Fallout4.esm
    1 1 DLCRobot.esm
    2 2 DLCworkshop01.esm
    3 3 DLCCoast.esm
    4 4 DLCworkshop02.esm
    5 5 DLCworkshop03.esm
    6 6 DLCNukaWorld.esm
    254 FE 0 ccrzrfo4003-pipover.esl
    7 7 Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
    8 8 EthreonMasterPlan.esm
    9 9 HUDFramework.esm
    10 a ArmorKeywords.esm
    11 b SimSettlements.esm
    12 c WorkshopFramework.esm
    13 d ConcealedArmor.esm
    254 FE 1 SimSettlements_IDEKsLogisticsStation.esl
    254 FE 2 Industrial Vault 88 BETA.esl
    254 FE 3 Virgil's Courser Chip Decoder.esl
    254 FE 4 Sanctuary by VikingBaggins.esl
    254 FE 5 Industrial Tenpines.esl
    14 e ProjectBlueprint.esp
    15 f ProjectBlueprintCOBJs_Sim_FarHarbor.esp
    16 10 ProjectBlueprintCOBJs_Sim.esp
    17 11 SimSettlements_NorthDigger.esp
    18 12 BetterSettlersNoLollygagging.esp
    19 13 AllSetsExtended.esp
    20 14 nuka_world_settlements.esp
    21 15 HAIA With Crafting.esp
    22 16 Eli_Armour_Compendium.esp
    23 17 SK_Leaders1.esp
    24 18 RaiderOverhaul.esp
    25 19 SimSettlements_XPAC_Conqueror.esp
    26 1a SS_AddOn_CbC_AIO.esp
    SSBuild.esp [this is my test Sim Settlements mod that I'm making; it's not active]
    27 1b SimSettlements_AddOnPack_MMen.esp
    28 1c JunkTown.esp
    29 1d BloodMoonRaiders.esp
    30 1e SimHomestead.esp
    31 1f ProjectBlueprintCOBJs_Sim_Automatron.esp
    32 20 Whisper Power Plots.esp
    33 21 AkaWaterWorld.esp
    34 22 CBBE.esp
    35 23 This is MY Bed (Extended).esp
    36 24 SimSettlements_MegaPack_YearOne.esp
    37 25 WVSimSAddon.esp
    38 26 RaiderClutter.esp
    39 27 CastleInTheSky.esp
    40 28 Companion Infinite Ammo and Unbreakable Power Armour.esp
    41 29 Conduits and Pylons Various Wireless Power.esp
    42 2a IndustrialCity_Sim_Settlements_Addon.esp
    43 2b Insignificant Object Remover.esp
    44 2c Linked Storage Containers.esp
    45 2d LoveToCraftLegendary_SwapOnly.esp
    46 2e LoveToCraftLegendary_SwapOnly_Automatron.esp
    47 2f LoveToCraftLegendary_SwapOnly_FarHarbor.esp
    48 30 LoveToCraftLegendary_SwapOnly_NukaWorld.esp
    49 31 ManufacturingExtended.esp
    50 32 ModularVault.esp
    51 33 move that workbench!.esp
    52 34 rpampas.esp
    53 35 KKYpampas.esp
    54 36 AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp
    55 37 SalvageBeacons.esp
    56 38 SettlementMenuManager.esp
    57 39 Settler Sandbox Overhaul.esp
    58 3a SkjAlert_All_DLC.esp
    59 3b SimSettlements_AddOnPack_Utilities_JtBryant.esp
    60 3c MoreVaultRooms.esp
    61 3d Passthrough.esp
    62 3e You Talk Too Much.esp
    63 3f TransferSettlements.esp
    64 40 WorkshopPlus.esp
    65 41 SimSettlements_CityPlanPack_ContestEntries.esp
    66 42 CCOVulgarVillainsCraftable.esp
    67 43 CCOSaucySettlersCraftable.esp
    68 44 CCOFoxyFactionsCraftable.esp
    69 45 Nuka-World Collectable Markers.esp
    70 46 craftablenukaworldoutfits.esp
    71 47 LooksMenu.esp
    72 48 FunctionalDisplays-Collectibles.esp
    73 49 FunctionalDisplays.esp
    74 4a FunctionalDisplays-MISC-Vanilla.esp
    75 4b FunctionalDisplays-Patch-DLC-ALL.esp
    76 4c extendedLightsWS - No shadows.esp
    77 4d Sandbag Fortifications - Version 2C.esp
    78 4e SnapBeds.esp
    79 4f g2m_Workshop_Nexus.esp
    80 50 BetterSettlers.esp
    81 51 BetterSettlersCleanFacePack.esp
    82 52 BetterSettlersMostlyFemale.esp
    83 53 BetterSettlersCCAPack2.0.esp
    84 54 DavesPoses.esp
    85 55 AA HotC - Standalone - SE.esp
    86 56 LooksMirror.esp
    87 57 Crafting Workbenches - Nuka World DLC.esp
    88 58 No Nuka World Requirements Madnes.esp
    89 59 ShelteredBeds.esp
    90 5a Better Cooking Stations.esp
    91 5b Northland Diggers New.esp
    92 5c FunctionalDisplays-AID-Vanilla.esp
    93 5d Better Cooking Stations - Far Harbor + Nuka World patch.esp
    94 5e AWKCR - Mod Power Armor Engine Glitch Fix.esp
    95 5f ConcealedArmor.esp
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    Ideally, I need people with the same issues to compare load orders and try and narrow it down to as small a number as possible, so that I don't have to try installing entire mod lists to replicate an issue.
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    Does Conquest Require SS or can it run with SSLite, cause I've ran into the dialogue not occurring (first concord visit) and going through the fix instructions I noticed that SSLite description says it runs 3.0.0....I just attempted your fix instructions with just SSLite Workshop Framework and Conquest Installed, it would seem SSLite is not compatible with Conquest. Could Lite possibly get a Conquest patch for us Console users?
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    I figured #5 had hit my game after taking my first settlement (Warwick). Considering the save a wash, I loaded on a ton of weapon mods and started testing to see what I wanted in my load order for the next run, since I wasn't quite happy with it. Several minutes in I got the completion notice and Jammer started his cross-country trek. Papyrus is definitely feeling the burn.
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    You're correct. Sim Settlements Lite does not support Conqueror and is being discontinued. The 4.0.1 patch for Sim Settlements will strip about 80 MB from the main mod, and about 300 from the 3-in-1, so the Lite version should no longer be necessary. To use Conqueror, you'll need to install the full version of Sim Settlements.
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    Hi! I've encountered following abnormal behavior in game:
    1) Settlers all drop dead at the end of an attack
    2) Raiders and defenders are spawning in dead
    (I can tell that those who spawned have already died after first assault and their bodies "joined" the next one)

    My mod list:
    00 Fallout4.esm
    01 DLCRobot.esm
    02 DLCworkshop01
    03 DLCCoast
    04 DLCworkshop02
    05 DLCworkshop03
    06 DLCNukaWorld
    07 HUDFramework.esm (HUDFramework 1.0f)
    08 NAC.esm (NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth - NAC 0.9.1b)
    09 PANPC.esm (Pack Attack NPC Edition)
    0A SimSettlements.esm
    0B WorkshopFramework.esm
    FE (000) WhatsYourName.esl
    0C Eli_Armour_Compendium.esp (Eli's Armour Compendium - CBBE and BodySlide 1.5)
    0D ImmersiveDrumlinDiner.esp
    0E SimSettlements_XPAC_Conqueror.esp
    0F ruined_simsettlement_addonpack.esp
    10 MREs.esp (Military MREs - (Script-Injected Lists) v1.1)
    11 aaaAmericanDreamRadio.esp (American Dream Radio Seasons)
    12 AutoDoors.esp (Auto Doors 2.8)
    13 AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp (Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2_5a - Loose files)
    14 BarefootFootstepSet.esp (Barefoot Footstep Set 1.2)
    15 BetterSettlers.esp (Better Settlers v2.0 DLC Master FOMOD)
    16 BetterSettlersNoLollygagging.esp
    17 BetterSettlersCCAPack2.0.esp
    18 FO4 NPCs Travel.esp
    19 BullpupBozar.esp
    1A CROSS_ReducedLaserSmoke.esp (CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul - CROSS_ReducedLaserSmoke_100a)
    1B Campsite.esp (Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags) - Campsite v1.0.1)
    1C Campsite-Full-Sleep.esp
    1D jdmCouchSleep.esp (Sofa Surfer - Sleeping on Couches)
    1E Depth of Field Removal.esp
    1F Dogmeat A True Companion Insanity.esp
    20 Eli_Display Shelves.esp
    21 dD-Enhanced Blood.esp
    22 HC_SustenanceEffectsTest.esp (Survival Food Bug fix. Maybe.)
    23 ImmersiveGenericDialogues.esp
    24 IcebreakerCDO-Settlements.esp
    25 Journal.esp (Journal of the Sole Survivor 1.1)
    26 P.L.U.N.D.E.R.esp (PLUNDER - Survival Combat Overhaul - PLUNDER09c)
    27 Locksmith.esp (Locksmith - Lock Your Doors 'n' Containers - Locksmith v1.02)
    28 Live Dismemberment - Regular.esp (Live Dismemberment - Increased Headshot Damage)
    29 Locky Bastard.esp
    2A LooksMenu.esp (LooksMenu v1-6-13)
    2B MoreWeaves.esp
    2C N7 Advanced.esp (Advanced Carbon Combat Armour V 1.2)
    2D Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp
    2E NAC-FarHarbor.esp
    2F NAC-NukaWorld.esp
    30 NoVanillaRadiantDLCLocations.esp (Keep Commonwealth Radiant quests within the Commonwealth - No DLC vanilla radiants)
    31 PCDugBuildAWall.esp
    32 Performance Of The Gods - Standard - DLCs.esp
    33 PlayerVoiceFrequencySlider.esp
    34 Realistic Survival Damage.esp
    35 Realistic_conversations.esp
    36 RecycleBottles.esp
    37 S.H.I.T.esp (Super Helpful Item Tidying 1.12)
    38 SettlementGarageSale.esp (Settlement Garage Sale)
    39 SimSettlements_CityPlanPack_ContestEntries.esp
    3A SimSettlements_XPAC_IndustrialRevolution.esp
    3B SimSettlements_XPAC_RiseOfTheCommonwealth.esp
    3C SlowTime.esp (Bullet Time - Slow Time - v1.3)
    3D Smoke-able Cigars.esp
    3E SurvivalTransitionSave.esp
    3F TheFridge.esp
    40 WhirligigRadarStation.esp (Settlement Radar Station)
    41 WorthwhileEyebots.esp
    42 _mcSavePoint.esp (Survival Save point)
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    OK new to forums ad what not so forgive me if I'm not posting this in the correct place. I'm currently only running the framework, 3 in 1, and conqueror add on. I attacked starlight drive in. All my raiders were killed. All of the civilians died and didn't go into a down state. It says I failed the attack. What do I do? I'm on xbox
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    The quests fail of none of your raiders survive. It only needs 1 to succeed.
    If you attacked the settlement to make an Outpost, the civilians die, they don;t go down temporarily. Vassal attacks, on the other hand, they are supposed to go down and then revive once the battle is over. BUT there is a bug kinggath is looking into where the settlers die once the battle is over.
    If you fail an attack, you need to go back to Jammer and have him Recruit more raiders - with caps &/or drugs/alcohol.
  10. Jonslaught

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    Ah yes it was an outpost not a vassal. Went back a couple saves and attacked a vassal and it went smooth. Appreciate it!
    BTW, are you running any other mods with the required 3? Kinda worried about getting any mods and them interfering.
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    If i might add that for some reason my gang members use lines from the Nuka World raider gangs. For example they mention the gauntlent and how cool i am for doing it and stuff like that while in reality i havent visited Nuka World yet.
  12. Adamo

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    That's expected behavior, at least for the time being. Just a quirk of tying in to the Raider system.
  13. Porthosl2fx

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    Well 4 hours in my game bricked. Started with the usual hanging while exiting the game and then my saves started to ctd on loading.
  14. Jacob300

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    It won't let me build anything, I have the sensor things and the holotape but still nothing
  15. pipes1004

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    When I build defense turrets they start shooting my raiders in my out post not sure if its a bug or a conflict with an other mod i do have Horizons installed. This also happens with Sim Settlement Martial plots that have turrets when i build them in a raider out post

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