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    • Gen 1/2 Reversed-Engineered Synth factory: Produces non-institute gen1 and 2 synths. Upgrades from Junkbot Garage. Can be upgraded into a gen 3 making station, but only if you've completed Nuclear Family.
    • Food Processing Center: Basic Industrial that acts a bit like the Fuel Depot but for Agriculture. Adds 1/2/4 food production to each agricultural plot. Starts off as a simple silo, but evolves into something more. Useful for ramping up food production in a pinch, but don't want to go through the whole H&M Tools path/Don't have ROTC/Are using plots that don't have Stage 4s due to being released before ROTC was out (IE a lot of Megapack 1 mods)/Want to make a single feeder settlement grow as large as possible.
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