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  1. F

    Not a bug How do you start the storyline? [FIXED]

    I want to start the mod's storyline but I dont know how do do it. I have already cleared Red rocket and nothing has happened. Do I need to clear out Corvega to start the storyline? Edit: I have searched a few threads for answers, and I might have found the way to start it. I will go try it.
  2. F

    Not a bug i cant use the mod on xbox 1 (fixed)

    it tells me that i cant install it because i dont have some files i also have finished the game with no mods so i dont know whats wrong here edit: i tried restarting fallout 4 and it still does not have the files
  3. T

    Solved Crash on fast travel [x1]

    So I am aware of some other folks having this issue but the suggested solution isnt working. I have a settlement at starlight with 27 plots and the issue is when I fast travel to or from this location or anywhere within a map grid of it regardless of what way its facing it crashes and just...
  4. K

    Xbox 1 vs Xbox 1 Z

    No, this is not about which is better. The X wins hands down. This is about what I've noticed in the changes of using the Z over the plain 1. First off, been playing SS with the 1 for a while. I love SS, but hard to play FO4, with the base 1. So, 2 weeks ago, I upgraded and got the X, huge...
  5. Benjibro333

    Structures becoming empty?

    So far when I have built a factory such as the ammo plant or scav support the buildings will build normally only to have everything but the base disappear
  6. DooderStank

    Sim Settlements removed from XBOX1?

    i just logged on, checked the mods page, it showed an update for Sim Settlements and I began to download. About 50% of the way through it just stops the download and when I backed out the mod is gone.... like disappeared! Even if I search the full title nothing comes up except add-on mods and...
  7. Tinuvia

    Update 7.0.1 - also on Xbox, fix for spotlights

    Version 7.0.1 sets the spotlights of the martial plots as plot powered, small fixes for Icecream&Power, Wicker Scarecrow, El Duderino’s, Wild Forest. We actually managed to reduce the file size (found a few redundant meshes, and lowered some texture resolutions for xbox), so this version is...
  8. Tinuvia

    Bugfix 6.0.1 for users (Wasteland Venturers)

    Several files were lost in the upload to for both PC and XBOX. Version 6.0.1 fixes this, so please download the new version if you have 6.0. Sorry about this, and thanks to @mlwest1970 for letting us know :)
  9. H

    Fixed Guard Dog attacks Trashcan Carla-Bug or just good taste?

    So There I Wuz... I had a kennel set up on the bridge into Sanctuary advanced to 2nd Lvl. Finished Old Guns and, after a nice conversation with Preston about Ronnie Shaw, added some tank artillery to bolster defenses. I noticed I didn't have enough bodies for everything and rather than...
  10. S

    Not a bug Holo tape won't load

    I'm playing on Xbox one, The mods I have from top to bottom of the load order are; unofficial FO4 patch, sim settlements, SS Industrial Re, sS Helper, Starlight Drive in Restored, WRVR (quest mod), pandas inf. budget, HUDFr, illuminated billboards, vault girl stats, enhance vanilla body, travel...
  11. Tinuvia

    Update FREE1.2 - Always Free is now also on Xbox - moves Death Tower to martial plot

    Update FREE1.2 is now available on: Nexus This update moves the Death Tower from Industrial to Martial 2x2 plot. The tower now has collision, and the dogs should stay off the named Brahmin as well. Let us know if you find any issues. If you have built the Death Tower on an...
  12. Thebuttkicker

    Resolved Disappearing factory

    (Xbox1) I seem to have a bug where the building has disappeared and there is all the clutter left over. The factory is the robotics workshop. I had removed a separate Addon that has no factories in it and then the building for the robotics workshop disappeared. My attempted solution for now...