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  1. Blazrath

    Question Help with Textures

    Hello, let me be the first to say I am new to modding Fallout 4 and so I'm learning as I try to fix issues I create. However, I need some ideas on how to fix a texture issue. When I put down an agriculture plot(as I haven't tried this out yet on other plots yet) the dirt mound that builds up for...
  2. RayBo

    v1.0.3, Desk Textures

    Just fyi, love the mod! Maybe something to check on. It was buildable in the workshop as you said on your page :rollseye Not black but still kind of cool. I'll see what happens with the MGF plot :) Thank you! Sorry for the bad picture. I don't let my settlers have power until later...
  3. C

    Not a bug Plots not showing

    I'm working with def_ui with framework and did the work around shown here: But the tech tree wont show although it readies my gun. The plots will show very little skinned items like a generator for the saw mill and flames at the oil well, but they're blank otherwise. I cant find anything that...
  4. M

    Not a bug Tree Textures Degrade

    Before I describe the problem, I will say that I downloaded the 3-in-1 mod pack, and posted this bug here as it doesn't (seem to) apply to any specific mod. I picked a city plan in Sanctuary Hills, and was taken on the little flight to watch the building unfold. As soon as I was picked up for...
  5. Daxxtruss123

    Pink textures!

    Hey guys, Got an issue here, after a fresh install and a bunch of texture mods that never affected SS before now I;ve got this and the plots on the settlement menu are also pink. I tried deleting and reinstalling SS to see if that's fix it, no luck sadly, any idea what I can do?