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  1. M

    Solved Using the console to remove all faction decorations

    I appreciate that there are multiple threads on removing faction decorations. However, most of these are about using in-game methods to remove the decorations. I would like to use the console, as the in-game methods do not work for me as I do not wish to ever own the settlement (so I can't just...
  2. Jason Todd

    Question Help With a Crashing Issue

    I am playing Conqueror and have been strange crashing issues, now I posted a recent papyrus log on the Project Valkyrie Discord to see if those guys have any suggestions as to what is going on and was suggested to post it here as I was told "That papyrus log might be worth sending to Kinggath...
  3. jenwig

    Spelling in INI settings, Papyrus or papryus?

    I added the ini settings from by just copying the whole thing. After a while I noticed that in the text I copied it says "papryus" and not papyrus. In the past I have seen that some settings you add is supposed to be...
  4. FalloutAnna

    Mod idea, city provisioners

    So, whilst showering I had an idea for a mod that I'm in no way am knowledgeable enough to create myself and I don't really know where to even start to try and learn how to. So either if there's anyone who feel like taking the idea and run with it or of you have suggestions on tutorials or...
  5. SneakyDevil

    Sim Settlement no longer works: Papyrus lists it as "array 10"

    As it says, loaded up sim settlements today and it no longer works. Papyrus logs claim this is because it is listed as array 10. A sample Line [06/18/2017 - 09:26:28AM] error: Array index 10 is out of range (0-9) stack: [ (FF007E40)].SimSettlements:SimPlot.LevelRequirementsMet() -...