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  1. Kefke_Wren

    "Help others" - Dialogue substitution.

    Early on in the Main Quest of Sim Settlements 2, The Stranger asks why you've taken an interest in settlements. Most people I've watched, including me, seem to select the option "Help others" in response. However, there's a slight problem with the voice line. For the female Sole Survivor, it...
  2. Sirlach

    BOS Paladin Heavy Auto Play-though Mod Mix.

    Again. Sorry for not posting information on upcoming new plots. I am getting around to it soon I promise. In the meantime here is a BOS playthough modlist that I have put a few too many hours of research into. :) Base: BRB's modlist -> Character...
  3. Sirlach

    Fun Combat Oriented Gameplay Mod Mix.

    Hi All, Not directly related to SS but I've just built a synth Raider/Institute/Evil Play though game build and I am having a great time. It's a combat focused play though so I don't have to spend my time picking up every item of scrap I'm not doing crafting in the early levels so I have to...