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desk planner

  1. Elidar

    City planner desk and leader assignment problems (bugs?)

    Hello there! I tried searching the forums for the problem I am experiencing, but to no avail. Perhaps I am just doing something wrong or searching in the wrong way. If so, please excuse me in advance. I am using SS2 v 1.0.3 (although I faced this in 1.0.2. as well). The problem itself is that I...
  2. RogueKnight24

    Solved SS AIO 4.2.9a City Plan menu not working

    Hello everyone. I recently got back into FO4 because of all the new updates, and after a couple tries managed to get a stable-ish modlist in MO2 and save. With a little patience for the scripts to kick in, I've had no real issues with SS. However, I really wanted to try out a couple of City...
  3. victoriaks01

    City Leader Desk and power possibilities

    I enjoy the settlements that build themselves but I have problems locating the City Leader desk, It would be great if the location had signage of it's location. I had read elsewhere on the forum you should not add any buildings until the settlement reaches level 3. As far as power I have also...
  4. gam3r4lif3dj

    sim settlements still broken 4 me

    second time asking for help. I don't know if i just posting wrong or what, but game kept crashing. once i assigned leader, then city planner desk stopped loading right. uninstalled and reinstalled earlier and current cersions more times then i can count and now the computer is not spawning...
  5. Doctor IG

    Desk Planner is not showing up

    The desk planner seems to be missing in my building menu, it does not even appear in crafting as I have seen som say is the deafult place it goes. I have tried reinstalling all of the Sim Settlements mods and activeted the City Manager Holotape. I have tried to use settlement menu manager but...