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  1. M

    Solved Using the console to remove all faction decorations

    I appreciate that there are multiple threads on removing faction decorations. However, most of these are about using in-game methods to remove the decorations. I would like to use the console, as the in-game methods do not work for me as I do not wish to ever own the settlement (so I can't just...
  2. MrCJohn

  3. Akeeper

    Solved Capturing their settlements

    Hi, I have a question: First I rebuilt the Sanctuary Hills and placed a leader there, then I captured the Red Rocket as a raider. Then I discovered that Sanctuary Hills is available for capture, well, I captured it. Is it normal that I can capture my own settlement?
  4. GH05T

    Bug stopping me progressing

    so i attaked my first outpost and now i built war desk janner dosent speak to me and it still says to build a war desk can someone tell me how to fix this ????
  5. L

    Question cant select city plans or assign leader of vassal (starlight)

    I cant select city plans or assign leader of vassal (starlight), i waas able to do it with abernathy a while ago but no option to select leader or city plans or anthing and when i click on the "building plans" drawer of planners desk i get "all of this settlments excess resources are commited to...
  6. L

    Question coordinate raids button on war planners desk not doing anything

    coordinate raids button on war planners desk not doing anything, the rest bring up menus but that one is doing nothing
  7. Safecandy

    Solved Can't launch assaults anymore

    Hello! First, I have to say, I love this mod. I have over 2k hours in FO4 since it launched and this mod honestly makes it a new game. However, I'm having trouble with Conqueror. I am using the BOS Faction Pack just after Act 2 started and have had success setting up a main base at BOS...
  8. F

    Question Pre build Progression stuck or not consistent

    (Tl;Dr) ON XBOX ONE many other mods, tried multiple load orders, and different combos of mods Character 1: 7 day playtime, full completion, each settlement has been found, no popup or progression meter Beagle2: progression meter moved well, had to start new char because dogmeat died Beagle3.0...
  9. J

    Question Executioner bug maybe?

    Apologies in advance if this has already been brought up, but I couldn't find it on the forum. This is my first playthrough of Conqueror and Sim Settlements, and I am attempting to kill the Quincy 5. I am able to knock them down, yet I cannot kill them. I received a system alert saying that I...
  10. BigIronRanger

    Question Can’t start conqueror

    I tried to start a fresh game on Xbox because I wanted to dedicate a play through to conquer,but it won’t allow me to do finish the first mission in concord.
  11. G

    Question How do I make my settlement recruit from the brotherhood of steel

    I'm in the brotherhood faction and have all the mods for it but I cant get it to recruit brotherhood
  12. Sirlach

    Ultimate Defenses is Live!

    Grab it here -> Thanks to all the people who contributed ideas and been generally awesome. I have 25 more plots written down from the suggestions posts so stay tuned for more updates in the near future!
  13. Rojobow

    Fusion Core Mechanics Guild(FCMG)

    CONQUEROR ADD ON FACTION :Fusion Core Mechanics Guild(FCMG) possible names? Uranium BioMech Engineers Commonwealth Scrap Co. C.I.T. Engineer's Core Kinggath just had a play through video where he made an excellent suggestion that there be a mod where in order to Fast Travel you must pay a % of...
  14. A

    Old Post Sim Settlements on Xbox One X

    I am about to buy a xbox one x was wondering how well sim settlements runs on xbox one x. Does it work with conqueror and the other addons? Can you get up to level 3 settlements without crashing? What are the performance differences between xbox one s and one x as it relates to sim settlements...