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  1. Din'elen DarkStar

    [BUG] Mod Authors Need the Communities Help!!!!

    OK folks I think I am almost 100% sure I have solved the mystery of the wrong vendor dialog issue on NPC's or dialog as vendor from non vendor NPC's as well, but it will take a lot of help to find all possible culprits. And yes it is the FURN items on plots that are doing it. Through rigorous...
  2. Z

    We Are The Minutemen concord crashing

    so after about 8 hour worth of testing different combos of mods i have found that we are the Minutemen will make the game crash if SS2 is also on. i tried everything. i have done so many clean install of the game and also installed buffout 4 so that i could get the crash log. but the crashing...
  3. E

    CTD when sheathing with any melee weapon in third person mode

    The crash is replicable with any melee weapon in third person mode. For example, swing your fist and then perform a sheath by holding the R button. It will then crash. Buffout 4 is pointing to this mod for the crash, please refer to the pastebin below. The error...
  4. E

    CTD when sheathing with any melee weapon in third person mode

    The crash is replicable with any melee weapon in third person mode. For example, swing your fist and then perform a sheath by holding the R button. It will then crash. Buffout 4 is pointing to this mod for the crash, please refer to the pastebin below. The error...
  5. Cyber101

    Couple of issues that I might be experiencing alone

    #1: Every time I use the city plan, it goes without a problem. but after that, it duplicates every scrappable items. Meaning I have to scrap those items twice. for example, I scrapped one of the ruined houses in Sanctuary to get some junk. after that, I used the city plan to let the settlers do...
  6. B

    Question Phantom "workers" after assault on prebuilt + conquered tenpines [xbox]

    Hey folks! Continuing my first conquerer playthrough. As others have documented, some funny interactions between preconquered places and Minuteman quests (the conqueror faction I chose). Not sure if that's the source of the problem. I saw some stuff in patch updates about fixing bodies clearing...
  7. D

    Primary Bug Report If I Had a Hammer - Quest fails to update and settlers do not build assigned plots

    Started a new game and set out to strictly follow the quest series. I completed the Sanctuary quest to get it out of the way, then set down a beacon in Sanctuary to get Laying a Foundation. Completed that and Plotting the Future, and started IIHaH, where I once again hit a wall. The first...
  8. S

    Primary Bug Report Casting a Line - Raider spawns and can be killed prior to quest start

    The following contains spoilers, this bug is mild and not gamebreaking:
  9. Atom3

    Primary Bug Report Mod Start - Stranger fails to show up after building, powering, and activating a Recruitment Beacon

    I downloaded the mod a couple of hours ago, but I have yet to begin anything. I don't know how to get the ASAM Sensors because they're not in the spot they were originally with the first Sim Settlements (Museum of Freedom). I found a magazine on the Sanctuary workshop, so I built a recruitment...
  10. S

    Question Tons of bugs (main being no new settlers) and thousands of active scripts

    Alright, I know the title is kinda ambiguous but I have too many issues going on to fit them all in in the title. I am currently running a heavily modded game with Sim settlements, it's mega packs, the logistics station, workshop framework, workshop plus, and well over 100 other mods. Until...
  11. Cuauh

    Question Factions Locked

    Hi, newbie here. I have this issue with SS Conqueror. When I try to start the War planner's desk, this message pops-up and doesnt allow to begin any war, it says: I did check the modpages but cant find anything. Please help me activate this mod.
  12. CopBlaster

    Question Ophelia Became My Companion?

    So, I am on an Xbox One X and during the Doggies quest Ophelia became a companion that can never again be dismissed. Is that supposed to happen? The whole quest seemed bugged and ever since going to the dead drop for Ophelia after that quest I have stopped receiving new ones. I completed the...
  13. Ithrian

    Question Jammer Quest Bug and Refuse Reqcruiting

    Directions said to post bugs here first sooooo... Okay so this will be a very long one, so I will try to do a TLDR here: If you whack Red Tourette, Tower Tom, and Jared ahead of time, you get the rewards and One-Eyed-Willy quest trigger twice. & My Jammer won't let me do missions until we get...
  14. J

    All Cities stuck at Level 0, 0% to next level.

    Hello, I've finally had a chance to test out RotC (I know I'm late) and I've ran into this problem. My cities are all stuck at level 0 with no progression what so ever. For a while, in order to fix it, I thought I needed to be more involved even though I've put the mod on easy mode (so I can...
  15. Raider106


    Hello I am having a problem with miss nany i completed mechanized makeover and complete all quest objetives and the scenes with ophelia isnt working i completed tactical busters too so i didnt know what to do i not have more mods only the sim settlements mods and some graphics mods so i thing...
  16. Labigcheeze

    Stable vortex modlist for import

    Hello, I've spent the past two days wrangling around with Vortex and Sim settlements 3 in 1 + conqueror to no success, my game is an unplayable mess which I've just purged in frustration and disgust. Does anyone have a stable modlist they'd be happy to share with me, I'm sick of spending my...
  17. Labigcheeze

    Problems with Vortex

    Hello, been trying to get back into F4 again and had to replace my NMM with Vortex as the program has been discontinued. Unfortunately the launcher keeps trying to download mods onto my SSD diskspace (which is nearly full) despite ALL of it's files & F4 data files existing on my larger hard...
  18. D

    Question Items Not Appearing

    I originally got this mod through Bethesda and had no issue, however now that I am using Vortex it seems that some buildings are just not rendering or at least, rendering fully. I have tried looking for incompatibilities and I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but that doesn't seem to work...
  19. D

    Old Post Unable to "Conquer" any settlements with turrets.

    I finished the first part where you claim a settlement as a home base by taking over Sunshine Tidings Co-op. I was really hoping that would be enough to fix it. Sadly it wasn't. I've tried taking over Starlight Drive-in and Oberland Station, but have encountered the same glitch in both places...
  20. Chibu

    Can't use workshops anymore in fallout 4 after clearing locked scripts!!

    Hi my first post sorry if it's in wrong category. I use PC Fallout Version 1.10.50 F4SE Version 0.6.4. My PC Specs. Ram: 8GB Vram: 4GB and this is on integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics which is not good for games at all and some games don't recognize it. i used to have AMD Radeon but it melted in...